A romantic adventure gone wrong

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it ironic that only days after you published an article about Benagil’s sea cave being named “one of the world’s best natural wonders”, an American couple decided to swim to the cave and ended up stranded there?

I don’t know if the couple was inspired by your article, but I find it hard to understand why they would decide to swim to the cave even though the tides were so strong that even boats wouldn’t go there!

I would have also thought they’d realise the tide was too strong to get back to the beach once they started swimming.

Maybe they wanted the cave all to themselves… if so they got what they wanted!

Luckily for everyone, the couple was rescued and we can all laugh about the absurdity of their little irresponsible adventure.

One can only hope that the experience will serve as a lesson to the couple and to others with similar silly ideas.

Catarina Soares