A right royal party in aid of needy children

The celebration of HM the Queen’s 90th birthday brought in much-needed funds for Algarve children’s charity ACCA. Generous donations mean that more youngsters in need will have specialist life-changing treatments.

The Algarvean sunshine was at its brilliant best, bubbly flowed, and canapés did the rounds when ACCA supporters came together at Monte da Quinta Resort on June 12 for a special celebratory afternoon.

HM even made her presence known with a life-size model presenting a photo opportunity. In addition to the funds raised through the sale of tickets to the event, lucky-dip goodie bags filled with luxury products and generous discount vouchers offered by local restaurants helped top up the afternoon’s takings. Available, too, were ACCA’s greetings card packs, produced in association with ArtCatto art gallery in Loulé.

A highlight of the party was the lavish fashion show presented by La Dolce Vita, introducing the stylish ‘Save the Queen’ Collection.

The event, arranged by ACCA to fund therapies for children in the area, raised over €2,000; the money will go to help children like 14-year-old Bárbara, who was given a hearing aid three years ago but not taught to speak.

“Barbara was teased unmercifully at school … and the fact that she could hear what was being said made matters even more difficult for her,” said an ACCA spokesperson. Speech therapy, paid for by ACCA funds of local residents’ contributions, made all the difference.

“Similarly, there is Hugo, whose parents were undergoing an acrimonious divorce when his mother set fire to the family home. His older brother is now in a mental institution for his own protection, and ACCA has arranged for Hugo, who is in his father’s care, to have the psychological therapy that is vital to help him re-adjust to life.”

ACCA identifies these children and negotiates a good discount with therapists to assist as many children as possible.

For more information about ACCA, call 918376657