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A real survivor

Dear Editor,

Last week, one of the long standing members of our animal rescue group in S. Brás de Alportel received an SOS call from the president of our local parish council.

He had spotted a dog stumbling along the secondary road between S. Brás and Alportel which leads to the hills and great hunting territory.

With help from a member of our local fire service, they managed to capture the terrified and badly wounded dog and transport him to our vet in Almancil.

His missing leg had been ripped off in such a way that only a large trap, probably used for hunting wild boar, could have caused such damage.

These medieval traps are allowed to be sold at local fairs such as the much loved, annual Feira da Serra in S. Brás.

The wound was not fresh so the dog had been walking about on three legs for some time. If someone had spotted him before, they certainly did not bother to inform the authorities. The vet was amazed that he was still alive.

We asked the parish council president if the council would pay the vet bill for this dog maimed by an illegal trap, legally sold, most probably in our own community, but he had no comment about financial matters. In other words, “he who rescues the dog, pays the bill”.

Of course, this attitude is not new to animal rescue groups working all over Portugal.

The hunting season has started again. How many more victims are going to need our help during the coming months?

If people would like to contribute to helping this dog get back his life and a new home, donations, however small, would be very much appreciated.

You can follow his progress on Number to call is 914 673 117.

Marie and Adrian Mombers, S. Brás de Alportel