A reader’s poem

It’s a garden not an orchard,

Though  many fruits are growing there,

Oranges and Apples, Avocado, Plum and Pear.

Over in the corner there are Lemons, there, you see?

And next to that, look, Apricots, are ripening on the tree.

Figs there are a plenty, and Grapefruit,

This year, that’s new.

There are Melons in the greenhouse,

They’ve already eaten two!

And don’t forget Tomatoes, for fruit not veg are they.

The’re really called Love Apples,

Well, that’s what some folks say.

This Vilarinhos garden, cultivated all by hand

Is the garden of my daughter in her adopted land.

It’s her refuge, it’s her passion,

It’s her pride and joy, her space.

And it’s that which makes this garden

A very special place.

Trevor Bates

By email