A rant about tourist pedestrians

Dear Editor,

Now that the peak holiday season is coming to a close, I feel I must make public my frustrations concerning the habits of tourist as pedestrians, which are basically abysmal.

The first and most common is the way tourists walk 5/6 abreast in the middle of the road as if it is the right thing to do – when a car driver resists the temptation to run them down, the reward is a shaken fist. Imagine walking down the middle of the highway in the UK, Germany or Holland, it would be a massacre!

The second is the way they test a driver’s reaction by suddenly leaving the pavement with a pushchair out front, complete with toddler. Thank you brakes.

The third misdemeanour, although not physically dangerous, is very irritating. I refer to the thoughtless attitude of many who stand at a zebra crossing, possibly all day long, with no intention of crossing the road, perhaps going for a world record for the number of vehicles that stop.

I realise we live in an environment which is dependent on tourism, so we must persevere with these people who unwittingly raise the blood pressure of we residents.

Yours faithfully,

George Hutchinson