A question of taste

Thank you for printing Margaret Brown’s The Traditions of Strangers, in which she describes pig slaughtering etc. My heart goes out to her, as well as all animals that suffer needlessly at human hands. The article could well have been called A Question of Taste. For all of us with apparently little chance of changing the status quo it is important not to feel that nothing can be done to change our sad and bad world, and do nothing. The day will surely come when barbarism and suffering is no more. Each and every single act of thoughtfulness is a step towards that world. We all have intelligence and compassion, each to control the other. These thoughts can be summed up in this small verse:

Here and now is where I am

Learning through all my senses to see

What is right and what is wrong

And then to act accordingly.

Pamela Francis

Alcantarilha, Algarve