A promising future for Algarve tourism

A promising future for Algarve tourism

With the summer of 2022 in full swing, it is great to see so many tourists enjoying the Algarve. Following the effects of the pandemic, Portugal is recovering well.

A driving factor in this is the tourism sector, which is also returning to normal.

2022 feels like a new era for the Algarve’s villa rental sector. Last year, there was still uncertainty around travel. Now, tourists are ready to enjoy a true holiday once again. The World Travel & Tourism Council have the data to prove it and the SandyBlue team is certainly seeing this in our own results too.

Portugal’s tourism set to rise

A recent study by The World Travel & Tourism Council has revealed that Portugal’s travel and tourism sector will drive the national economic recovery. In fact, it is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels next year when it is projected to rise nearly 4.8% above 2019 levels.

Furthermore, the study used flight booking data to determine which destinations were most popular. Portugal is set to be the fourth most popular European destination with a 179% year-on-year increase in international arrivals.

With the Portuguese government positioning the country as a safe and sustainable destination, the attraction from guests will only grow further. At SandyBlue, we see this as a fantastic opportunity for Algarve property owners and many businesses in the region.

What this means for villa owners

With the Algarve becoming such a popular choice, the SandyBlue team is definitely seeing this reflected in our summer campaigns and beyond. Guests who have returned from early summer vacations are already expressing interest in their return next year. In fact, many of them want to return to the same property they stayed in.

This is something all property owners should tap into immediately. Securing a pool of repeat guests is a great way to increase a steady stream of rental income. However, the work must start now.

As mentioned, guests are already booking their 2023 getaways. That is why our team will be commencing our 2023 marketing campaigns, giving our owner partners a big head start in a competitive race for guests. Our operations team work tirelessly in the off-peak months, with vigorous inspections to provide owners recommendations well in advance of the next peak season.

Looking forward

The data doesn’t lie… news like this is fantastic and should be celebrated. While we enjoy this summer, the hard work continues and we are already planning ahead for 2023. There are exciting things in store for villa owners across the Algarve’s Golden Triangle!

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By Joe Mountain
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