A noteworthy Algarve Arinto

Paxá Wines, the family owned winery between Lagoa and Silves, can always be relied on to produce quality. I’m a big fan of their Negra Mole red, probably the best value for money wine out there when it comes to the Algarve’s indigenous grape variety and their Viognier white is also outstanding.

But until recently I had not tried this white varietal from the Arinto grape.

Arinto was once known as the grape of the Bucelas region near Lisbon, producing age-worthy whites known for the lemony aromas and great acidity.

But over recent years it has been planted pretty much all over the country and it seems to be particularly well-suited to the Algarve.

This is an interesting wine that in some ways reminds us of a good quality New World Sauvignon Blanc, with expressive fruit on the nose and good texture in the mouth. But the aromas here, typical of the Arinto grape, are dominated by lemon mingling with pineapple and some green vegetable notes.

In the mouth the wine is full and generous but at the time fresh and vibrant with excellent acidity. €10.95 at Apolonia.

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