‘A Nossa Terra’ reveals secrets of organic wine and edible plants

Monchique-based association ‘A Nossa Terra’ will be holding two events for food and wine lovers on the last Sundays of April and May.

The first – an organic wine-tasting – will take place on April 26 at the Bica-Boa in Monchique.

Starting with a buffet lunch at midday, the event will feature a number of organic wine producers such as Monte de Casteleja, Quinta Rosa and Monte de Além, as well as a lecture on organic farming.

A month later, on May 31, the association will be holding an edible plants walk with horticultural expert Fernanda Botelho, who will show people how to correctly identify edible plants and wild flowers along the hillsides and chestnut groves of Fóia.

Signing up for the buffet lunch/wine tasting costs €10, while the edible plants walk costs €15.

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