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A Night to Remember

A night to remember

Back in 1953, the most luxurious hotel suite in the world, the penthouse at the Dorchester in London, cost 25 pounds sterling a night, around 440 pounds in today’s money  rather less than the 3,113.75 pounds sterling it charges the rich and  famous who stay there today.

If you’ve won the Euro Lottery, and fancy joining the super rich in blowing some cash on top-notch accommodation, here are some of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms – we recommend a stiff drink before asking for the bill!

Money is, of course, no object for a star like Madonna. The material girl regularly books the penthouse suite at the Setai Hotel in Miami, a snip at 13,000 pounds sterling a night. Or how about a night in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi? The world’s most expensive hotel, which cost two billion pounds sterling to build, charges a mere 7,500 pounds sterling a night for its Palace Suites. Over in Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean, Parrot Cay, the self-styled “world’s most exclusive resort”, will charge you 6,512 pounds sterling a night for its Master Villa from next winter and, if you fancy a very expensive European city break, why not book into room 124, as the Royal Suite at Paris’s Four Seasons George V is discreetly labelled, for 6,154 pounds sterling a night?

Over in Moscow, now Europe’s second most expensive city, the presidential suite in its best hotel, the Ararat Park Hyatt, is 4,347 pounds sterling a night, a bargain when you consider that Sandy Lane in Barbados will be charging 13,500 pounds sterling a night for its villa this Christmas. The Hotel Martinez in Cannes is charging more than 20,500 pounds sterling for a night in its seventh floor, soundproofed, sea view presidential suite this summer. Among its mostly predictable attributes, it lists “a pleasant sitting area”. At that price, one can only wonder.