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A New Year’s solution

MANY PEOPLE take up resolutions in the New Year, with three-quarters planning to get fit. Pilates studio owner Michelle Goyens wants to make sure that resolution turns into a solution.

To engage in any sport, you need core stability, however, most people restrict that to just their stomach, waist and lower back. In fact core stability is the stability of any joint in the body, ankle, knee, hip, elbow, waist ….

The balance of equal movement and strength of all muscles attached at this joint is what makes it fully mobile and allows all the muscles to be used to execute the most basic daily tasks.

Pilates specialises in musculoskeletal balance and postural alignment, creating a strong yet supple physique. By doing this it prevents injury and improves everyday function.

Further benefits of Pilates include re-balancing over used muscles. The exercises work on spinal conditions such as Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Lordosis and Spondylolisthesis. It releases the build-up of stress and tension, increases flexibility and improves co-ordination.

Taylor made

Furthermore, it is tailor made to the individual, so is safe for all ages from seven to 70 and beyond.  Pilates can be done in two ways: mat work and equipment work. Mat work, as the name suggests, is done on a mat on the floor and is best suited to people who have no major injuries.

The session is usually one hour long and although to onlookers the exercises may seem basic and low intensity, the requirements for stability and constant control of movement make this method a fantastic balance between hard work and release of stress and tension.

Equipment work is performed in the studio, using a variety of specialised Pilates apparatus. The apparatus is based on resistance with support, encouraging and challenging the use of the bodies own resistance.

This makes it ideal for all levels of ability.

For more information call Michelle on 937 250 971 or 289 367 538.