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A new property finance service for the Algarve

Blevins Franks have appointed Adrian Hook as their dedicated property finance consultant for the Algarve. This appointment is in line with Blevins Franks’ commitment to providing high quality local services to local individuals. Adrian is working alongside Gavin Scott, their established investment and tax planning consultant.

Adrian’s financial services career spans over 12 years. After obtaining Financial Planning Certificate III and advising on pension and investment business for some years, Adrian decided that property was the way forward. Adrian told The Resident: “Back in the mid 90s, it looked to me that low interest rates and mistrust in the pension market would drive a property boom.”

He joined Bradford & Bingley’s new independent mortgage advice arm “Marketplace”. During this time, he had access to John Charcol’s brokers systems and training and completed the Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice.  Adrian says: “This was a great opportunity to hone my mortgage skills, market knowledge and learn from the best.”

Over the past four years, Adrian ran his own mortgage advice business in the UK. He has now moved to the Algarve to become the local Blevins Franks consultant for this specialist market.

Adrian says: “Even though I am now based in the Algarve and offering advice on property finance in Portugal, I will still keep abreast with the market back in the UK with my own customers. This places me in an ideal position within the Algarve. I have working knowledge of both the UK and Portugal property markets which means I can look at lending needs from both angles and put the best solution forward.”

Blevins Franks’ new property finance service helps new and existing clients with residential property purchase, raising capital, remortgaging, buying off plan, investment purchase and referral services for fiscal representation and FX transactions.

The Portuguese mortgage market has evolved so that more and more international banks lend money for Portuguese property.  Even better news for the market is that local banks will now lend to non-residents. This increase in choice for finance requirements should, in theory, lead to more competition and better deals.  More choice, however, can also lead to more complexity in determining which is the most appropriate arrangement for your circumstances. It is then important to seek advice from a solid, reputable company, one with years of experience in the mortgage market.

Blevins Franks has provided advice on UK and overseas mortgages for 25 years, through Blevins Franks Mortgage Services based in London. While they have already helped many people finance their Portuguese property, they have now brought their mortgage desk to the Algarve.

For more information on the new Blevins Franks Property Finance service, contact Adrian Hook on 289 350 150 or [email protected]

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