A new pink from the land of green

This recent arrival on the shelves at Apolónia is priced at €11.95 which as a Portuguese rosé puts it in the upper-mid price range, so we should expect something good at this price.

Pintado rosé is made by AD Wines up in Portugal’s northernmost Minho region so is technically a “Vinho Verde”. This is the same producer who makes the excellent value for money Monologue range of varietal whites. This rosé also qualifies as a vinho verde by having one of the traditional local red grapes, Vinhão, in the blend along with Touriga Nacional.

This is not really a rosé for quaffing by the pool but rather a wine to enjoy food, a good match for Asian cuisine and also for some nice Portuguese style fried prawns in garlic and piri-piri.

The wine is fermented in used oak, however there is not so much as a hint of oak on the nose or on the palate. On the nose there are fresh red fruits with some floral notes, a slightly creamy texture in mouth with great acidity and a nice bone dry finish.

All in all a very decent rosé for the money.

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