A new look for a new era

Your new look Algarve Resident!

Dear Readers,

This week we have introduced a new layout to the Algarve Resident and, at the same time, made some practical changes to the structure of our contents that together will, we hope, make your weekly Algarve Resident an even more enjoyable read.

Since our company, Open Media, took over the newspaper six months ago, you may have noticed that we have implemented some gradual changes, but it is our aim to take great care to maintain and build upon the Algarve Resident’s reputation as the favourite English language newspaper for expats living in the region.

You may have noticed more emphasis on national news in our pages, matters that affect all of us who live here. But we have also increased our lifestyle content with specialised food writing and other features such as our new gourmet section and fortnightly car reviews.

All of this has been possible by the pooling of resources with Open Media’s journalists, who work on the Essential and Inside magazines and have joined forces with the dedicated Resident team, all working together at our offices in Lagoa.

It’s been an exciting six months during which time, as magazine publishers, we have taken a leap onto the learning curve of producing a weekly newspaper. Its been hard work but most importantly great fun!

This new design concept was created by Vilamoura-based design consultants Triple Sky and developed by our in-house designer Filipe Lima – thanks to both for a great job.

I would also like to thank our editor Inês Lopes, our associate director Sheena Rawcliffe and commercial director Mark Rawcliffe for their unfailing support and guidance over these six months. And of course, thanks go to all the team at the Algarve offices of Open Media without whom this transition would never have been possible.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of our advertisers who continue to choose the Algarve Resident as a highly cost-effective print and online media to reach the expat community. Our recently reinforced sales team is spread across the Algarve and has pulled together with great results to help drive us forward.

This week’s issue, with 56 pages, has been timed to coincide with the BLiP exhibition, and we will have more special editions over the next few weeks linking in with the Portugal Masters tournament.

Feedback from readers is always very welcome, so if you have any ideas on something you would like to see in your Algarve Resident or indeed any comments, good or bad, we are all ears!

Bruce Hawker


[email protected]