A new era for your Volkswagen dealership: now JAPblue is Carby

A new era began for your official Volkswagen dealership in Faro. Now JAPblue is Carby.

Carby gathers under one brand all the Volkswagen dealerships of JAP Group and Entreposto Group. Therefore, just like JAPblue, Entreposto Santagri and Entreposto Tecnitagus are now Carby as well.

The three dealerships, united as one brand – Carby – offer to the client a wider range of vehicles, as well a more personalized customer service, supporting the client in its entire automotive journey.

From now on, there will be a Carby always near you. The Volkswagen dealership is located in 5 places, from north to south of Portugal.

Carby – Volkswagen Dealerships in Portugal:
Penafiel, Vila Real, Almada, Santarém e Faro.

About Carby

Carby is the new auto retail brand of JAP Group and Entreposto Group. In addition to Volkswagen, Carby is the official dealership of 11 other automotive brands, with over 55 dealerships and workshops in Portugal.

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