A new arrival in the Algarve

A DAY you will never forget, the birth of your baby in the Algarve. You are nervous, excited and probably a bit apprehensive. It’s an experience that should be full of joy, but one that could also be very traumatic, particularly if you are in a foreign country.

Help is at hand from a fully qualified midwife and nurse based in the Algarve.Karen Morgan has a full understanding of Portugal’s medical services and can guide you through what can be expected and how to prepare for this exciting event.

Trained and practised in the UKas a midwife and nurse, Karen has first hand experience of the antenatal and postnatal care available in Portugal (her second baby was born at Faro Hospital). She can offer qualified advice on how to prepare for the birth of your baby in this country, and full support on your return from hospital.

Antenatal classes covering all the necessities of preparing for the birth of your baby, the birth experience, and how to care for your baby at home are all covered in the antenatal care course. This includes eight hours of tuition, divided into classes spread over four weeks.

On return home with baby, Karen will ensure that both of you adapt smoothly to your new lifestyles. Assistance with breast-feeding, baby checks, information about vaccines, birth registrations and local doctors and pediatricians,are all available through postnatal visits.

Karen Morgan holds baby clinics weekly at the International Medical Centre in Albufeira, and monthly at the Family Medical Centre, Quinta do Lago. Here babies are weighed and measured and she will discuss the baby’s feeding, development, weaning, dental care and any questions relating to your baby. As well as your baby – how are you ?

Do you need any help with managing the extra demands of a baby? Your exhaustion and how to cope, juggling the family, getting your body back into shape and regaining your confidence. Karen offers lots of advice and useful ideas which actually work, from baby massage, dietary guidelines and exercise, plus information about social activities for you and your new baby.

Karen is also qualified in women’s health screening and gynaecological nursing.

• For further information and advice please Tel: 965 385 693 after 3pm.