A need for external defibrillators

Dear Editor,

I had a cardiac arrest at a tennis club in Quinta do Lago last September and had it not been for two doctors who happened to be playing tennis on the next door court, I would be dead. The ambulance took half-an-hour to arrive from Faro hospital and, in that time, the doctors administered CPR.

Once the ambulance arrived, a defibrillator was placed on my heart, which had stopped, and got it going again.

Since this has happened to me, I have been on the internet learning about External Defibrillators which, believe it or not, are very simple to work and would save the life of anyone whose heart stopped.

The temperature in the Algarve in the summer rises to 40ºC at times, which does not seem to deter visitors to the area from playing sport which means that they are at risk of cardiac arrest, heart attacks etc. 

Would there not be a case to make defibrillators compulsory for any sports club in the Algarve?

I would just like to add that the cardiologists and staff in Faro hospital were simply wonderful to me during my 10-day stay.

Sarah Twist

By email