A moonlight serenade on the Arade

Reviewed by KAREN LENNON
Algarve Resident reader

The Centro de Congressos do Arade, near to the planned marina area at Parchal/Ferragudo, was the venue for a night of nostalgia as it welcomed the Glenn Miller Orchestra (UK) on Thursday, July 16.

The 17-piece orchestra presented  a  fabulous two hour performance to an almost capacity crowd of all nationalities, who were willing to join in with a bit of audience participation  to great tunes such as Pennsylvania 65000, I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo and Minnie the Moocher.  

I must confess to shedding a tear as they played Moonlight Serenade.  We were transported back to the 1940s and it conjured up visions of young men in uniform smooching with their girls to the last dance, forgetting the war to share a precious moment.

Seventy years after a young Glenn Miller wrote it, the obvious thing to do was join the standing ovation that rippled through the wonderful 21st century auditorium.

It is said that the concept of the building was to incorporate the solids, liquids and gaseous elements in memory of the old building as well as the old brick chimney which establishes itself as a local icon and home to a family of storks.

The building’s transparency pays tribute to the light of the Algarve, and every effort was made so that the River Arade could be seen. At night the building transforms, taking on a new formal and pictorial reality that is nothing short of awesome.