A month of cinema in Loulé

news: A month of cinema in Loulé

TO CELEBRATE the 75th anniversary of the Cine-Teatro Louletano in Av. José da Costa Mealha, Loulé Câmara is promoting the ‘Mês do Cinema’ (month of cinema) this June.

Dedicated exclusively to the Second World War, this special month of cinema will comprise the screening of six films from that period, with each film being presented by a cinema specialist.

The programme commenced yesterday (on June 9) with the screening of Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning Life is Beautiful, a romantic comedy set in fascist Italy, with Guido (Benigni) seeking to woo a pretty girl, Dora (Nicoletta Braschi, Benigni’s real life spouse), away from her stuffy fiancé.

On June 14, there will be a showing of The Pianist, an account of the true life experience of a brilliant Polish pianist during World War Two, in the context of the deportation of the Jewish community to the Ghetto of Warsaw. The film won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.

On June 16, Japanese film, Rapsody in August, by Akira Kurosawa will be shown. The film is about the atomic bomb that affected Japan and the marks left by the war on society. The next film to be shown will be Come and See by Russian director, Eleme Klimov, on June 21. Set in 1943, the film tells the story of a young German who joins the guerrillas fighting against the nazi-fascist troops.

To close the month of cinema, the Cine-Teatro will be showing two Charlie Chaplin films: The Great Dictator (June 23), a satire about Hitler and Fascism, and The Fall – Hitler and the End of the Third Reich (June 28), a film based on the memories of Hitler’s former secretary who recounts the last 12 days of the dictator. All the sessions begin at 9.30pm. For more information, call 289 400 880.