A midsummer fundraiser

Fifty people of varied nationalities gathered on June 23 for a midsummer fundraiser at the new premises of the Portimão Soup Kitchen, which provides needy people in the city with hot, hearty meals, three times a week.

A total of €907 was raised at the event, which will be used to assist in the renovation of the new building and installation expenses of the new kitchen.

Joy Borgan, a volunteer from the Soup Kitchen, said: “We are so delighted with the response. It was so exciting to see 50 people comfortably seated in a bright, clean, freshly painted room, which had been left empty for several years.

“People worked extremely hard to make this day possible, either cooking, cleaning, painting, installing cabinets and sinks, or putting in electrical plugs, mending pipes, transporting goods, whilst others donated used appliances for which we are most grateful.

“We also thank our sponsors who are supporting this work with the monthly rent; without them this would not be possible.

“We give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped in any way, both near and far, and above all to God who has made it all possible,” concluded Joy.

Items still in need at the Soup Kitchen include soup bowls, used clothing in good condition and gifts of money to assist in the completion of the kitchen area.

If you are able to help in any way or for more information, please contact Joy on 917 358 098 / 282 042 836 or email [email protected]