A menu of delights

Diners at the Aux Bon Enfants in Almancil can enjoy something a little bit special when they visit the restaurant – as well as offering excellent French cuisine, the owners have added the magic of theatre to the menu and built a stage inside the dining room. “We wanted to do something different,” explains Daphne Constans-Gavarri who owns the restaurant with her partner Jean-Jacques Langlois. “The Algarve can be a bit dead in the winter, so we decided to liven it up a bit.”

The plays are performed while customers eat dinner, so the restaurateurs only put on light-hearted shows. “The whole point is to give people a relaxing enjoyable evening, so we do not show long, heavy and involving dramas,” reveals Daphne.

The next performance at the restaurant will be two soliloquies from Talking Heads – Alan Bennet’s award-winning series of television monologues, first aired on BBC Television in 1988. Two well known Algarve-based actors will perform on the night – Nicky Moran as Susan in Bed amongst the Lentils and Tom Hardy as Graham in Chip in the Sugar. The evening begins at 7pm with apéritifs and entrées. Then customers will be able to enjoy the acting talents of Nicky Moran and Tom Hardy while they eat a delicious three-course meal. “There will be absolutely no service during the performances, so people can just sit, relax and enjoy,” explained Daphne.

• The Talking Heads show will be playing on May 14 and 15. For information and bookings please call Daphne or Jean-Jacques on 289 396 840.