Woman outside receiving deep tissue massages from one of Sokura's therapists

A massage when I need it the most? Yes, please!

Today everything is delivered to us virtually straight away, when we want or need it, so why shouldn’t massages and other therapeutic treatments be too? “This is exactly Sokura’s vision – to treat you in real time, when you need it the most”, CEO Sónia Cardoso tells us. “After returning to Portugal from a season working as a therapist on cruise, one day I felt the urgent need for a therapeutic massage, but I was only seen by a therapist three days later when my pain had worsened significantly. This made no sense to me, and thus Sokura was born in 2021”, she explains.

The therapists from Sokura will travel directly to your home, hotel room, workplace, outdoors, etc, from 8am to 10pm, booking just one hour beforehand, thus allowing you to enjoy a more convenient, safer, and therefore more rewarding experience in what well-being treatments are concerned. “Imagine not having to get in the car, face the weather, find a babysitter, or leave the comfort and safety of your home or work. We provide massages in spots chosen by the client, and approved by us, so that you can have your treatment at your convenience”, Sónia explains.

Sokura operates in the Algarve and Lisbon, with a team of 14 professional therapists, and their most popular treatments are:
– Therapeutic massages (relaxing, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, sports, ayurvedic);
– Express massage 15-20 minutes (ideal for offices, meetings and events);
– Foot reflexology.

And the best part, is that everything can be done online. To book it, just visit their website, choose a location (Algarve or Lisbon), choose a type of treatment and a therapist (check their availability on the calendar), fill in your personal details or special requests, and pay securely online. And voilà! Your appointment will be scheduled immediately and you can be enjoying your treatment within a just a few hours if needed. Your need is their solution and all you need to do is to relax in their hands.

(+351) 932 243 830
[email protected] | sokura.pt

woman receiving massages at her office

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