A marriage… farewell


Eduardo Oliveira Costa is a journalist and publisher of several newspapers across Portugal. He is on the board of several organisations, is president of a football club, and has a keen interest in the press, among other media, and the business environment.

WITH POMP and circumstance I received an invitation, for a “Marriage Farewell!” It wasn’t a joke! It really was an invitation for a party that intended to commemorate a friend’s divorce!

I’m accustomed to participating in bachelor parties or stag nights, as a form of celebrating with a friend who has decided to tie the knot.

This new fashion caught me by surprise!

This makes me recall the words of a friend, “I see the ones who are inside the castle (i.e. married) and want to get out and those who are on the outside and want to get in!”

Someone could say that the best homage that can be made to a marriage that has ended is to marry again! This means it wasn’t a bad experience!

I also recall an episode of a crying husband who decided to write the words “without you I cannot live…” on the tombstone of his deceased wife, adding, some weeks later  the word “…alone”

But we have no doubts that the statute of being ‘divorced’ is in fashion, to the point of being celebrated with pomp and circumstance.

The Brazilian actor, Jô Soares was right when he protested while in the role of a priest several years ago, against marriage and divorce, “which is why I don’t marry!” he said.

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