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A man alone and his band


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Aula Magna, in Lisbon, will host a concert by the North American, Josh Rouse, accompanied by his band on November 26.

He will be performing music from his most recent album Country Mouse City House.

Josh Rouse was born in Paxton, Nebraska, US, and moved to various places throughout his childhood due to his father’s military job. Some years passed and he settled down in Tennessee, where he met local musicians and began recording.

He started his career in 1998 with the album Dressed Up Like Nebraska, a set of songs that gave him positive approval by critics and allowed him to tour and perform full time. His songs would later be featured on a range of television shows and movie soundtracks.

The success of Dressed Up Like Nebraska allowed him to record a second album in 2000 called Home. From then on he has been on a roll, releasing a new album every year.

Josh Rouse’s sound is profoundly influenced by singers and songwriters from the 1970s and it is clear that this is his favourite music genre. Slow and secure, his passionate music and lyrics touch the heart of  his fans.

Check all of Josh Rouse’s work at www.joshrouse.com or myspace.com/joshrouse

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