A little piece of Portugal in Canada
Photo: Marc-Olivier Jodoin/unsplash

A little piece of Portugal in Canada

Though not as famous as Chinatown or Little Italy in New York City, ‘Little Portugal’ in Montreal, Canada, is a thriving, diverse district.

Visiting this diverse spot can open your eyes not just to new cultures but to see a different take on a culture you already know well.

A little piece of Portugal in Canada

Little Portugal, or in French ‘Petit Portugal’, is in the western part of Montreal. This migrant neighbourhood came to flourish in the 50s when relations between the Canadian and Portuguese governments were developing.

In Canada, there was more work and jobs were more readily available. In the decade that followed, the Portuguese culture began to really flourish, when many of the Portuguese inhabitants started buying their own homes and setting up businesses. It eventually grew into a multicultural neighbourhood that truly feels like a bit of Portugal in Canada.

Located on Saint Laurent Boulevard, the neighbourhood is fairly close to one of Montreal’s biggest attractions, namely Mount Royal Park, where you have a great view of the city. This neighbourhood is home to many Portuguese shops, restaurants and cafés, as well as the Parc du Portugal.

This little park was created in 1980 by landscape architect Carlos R. Martinez to honour the Portuguese community. There are many colourful tiles used in the Portuguese style with a fountain, a pavilion and a monument added in 2003. The Quarter is also very colourful, with plenty of murals and nods to Portuguese design.

Photo: Samantha Gollnick/unsplash

Great Portuguese addresses

For delicious ‘piri-piri’ chicken in Canada, Romados is the place to be. They have real fans in Montreal and dare to say that it rivals the real deal in Portugal!

For all your Portuguese essentials, head to Boucherie Épicerie Soares & Fils. The supermarket full of goodies has been there since 1970 and is still going strong.

For delicious ‘pastéis de nata’, visit Pâtisserie Notre Maison, which also has other tasty cakes and desserts.

To eat an authentic Portuguese meal, don’t miss Chez José Café.

Applying for an eTA Canada

To visit Little Portugal, you must first make sure to apply for an eTA Canada. The eTA Canada is an easier alternative to a visa because there’s no need to go to an embassy or make any appointments. You can apply for the eTA Canada online in about 10 minutes, and it is valid for five years.

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