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A light in the murky world of currency exchange

Text by Privalgo

The rise of financial technology has changed the world.

The way we save, make payments and move money has shifted. With fool-proof client portals and intuitive technology, FinTech has put control back into your hands.

It’s the same with currency exchange. British expats who have opted for the good life in Portugal are slowly but surely turning their back on archaic foreign exchange brokers. They’re choosing, instead, to go with the fresh, technology-driven currency specialists.

Why is this? It’s all a matter of transparency.

Back in the day, you’d give your money to a broker, they’d convert it, and deliver the currency back to you. Nothing was visible to the client. You’d have no control over the process.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. At Privalgo, we show you exactly the exchange rates that are available to you.

That, in itself, isn’t ground-breaking. But we go further. We also show you the rates at which we buy currencies. This way, you’re seeing precisely what value you’re getting, along with what we’re making out of it. No funny business, no game playing.

This culture of openness extends to the way in which we communicate with you. We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer to our clients. Free-of-charge, our clientele can discuss their foreign exchange requirements and concerns to one of our specialist Relationship Managers.

Our Relationship Managers are on hand to offer you seasoned market insights. That said, they only ever deliver opinions to aid our clients’ own decision making. After all, your interests come first and above our own. You’re in control.

We endeavour to give our clients the most rewarding currency exchange experience on the market. We believe that transparency and personal service is key to that. Our cards are firmly on the table.

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Privalgo is a client-centred currency exchange company. We specialise in helping UK citizens move money to expat destinations such as Portugal. Each year, we help thousands of expats save money, time and headaches on their currency exchange.

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