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A licence to park

People acting as car park attendants in Faro will now need to be licensed, with those operating illegally in future facing fines.

The city council hopes this will clamp down on illegal parking attendants who ask for money in exchange for pointing out free parking spaces in the city.

Faro Mayor Macário Correia told Lusa news agency: “People aged over 18 with a clean criminal record can request an official licence. There are 17 places to fill.”

Those who don’t have a licence will be fined by the municipality or by the PSP police. Fines will range from €60 to €300.

Attendants who fail to show their licence will also be fined between €70 and €200, unless they present the licence within 48 hours.

“We want to put some order into the public space. There are too many sites with illegal parking attendants in Faro,” said Macário Correia.