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A home-from-home for your child

As any parent knows, choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.

To provide them with the best opportunities, to know that they are being given a quality academic education, while also ensuring that they are motivated and happy, enthusiastic learners are all factors that come at the top of the list of qualities you look for in a school.

For those who also require that the school be less of a fortress, and more of a home-from-home for your child, the choices become very limited indeed.

Fortunately parents in the Algarve do have options, and among the many state, private and international schools to choose from, one international secondary school that encompasses all of the qualities above is Aljezur International School.

Here a dynamic and dedicated team of teachers is clearly committed to expanding students’ experience, awareness and knowledge as well as to ensuring that they achieve the very best exam grades.

Balance in academics and personal creativity is achieved through workshops and themed projects, students are encouraged to learn through research and discussion, and are consistently motivated to make contributions to class, school and community life.

All this takes place in a friendly environment where class sizes are small, and where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and take pride in their achievements.  This unique approach to teaching has been at the heart of the ideology of the school since its inception, and forms the very foundation of its educational ethos and success.

As current parents testify, the personal development of the students at Aljezur International School is excellent.  

This virtue is highlighted by ex-students who stay in touch, and who are invited to give guest presentations where they can talk about challenges they have faced, and hurdles that they have overcome. Speaking with the students it is plain to see that a global vision is integral to the school community, and that within this diverse and truly cosmopolitan student population are shared experiences, aspirations and dreams.

Academically, the school has an excellent record of IGCSE attainment grades (89% at A* to C grade), and while lessons are taught in English, there is a focus on Portuguese cultural studies, and as both a first and second language.

Sciences are covered in a hands-on way often involving field studies, and vocational courses are being prepared for older students. With a new IT suite recently installed, plans to include Enterprise as a new Cambridge IGCSE subject, and regular careers counselling, Aljezur International School is moving forward, indeed leading the way for schools of the future.

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