A holistic approach to wealth management

news: A holistic approach to wealth management

• Castle Wealth – protecting your wealth
• Castle Wealth – protecting your wealth


Located in the prime development of Europort at the heart of Gibraltar’s Financial Centre, the company shares plush offices with its parent. Its meeting rooms afford clients privacy in a relaxed environment, where they can discuss and review their investments while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Straits and Africa.

Broader based advice

Paul Correa, a familiar face with extensive knowledge of the Algarve from his days at Jyske Bank and now Managing Director of the firm, is very upbeat about the potential to develop the business. Correa believes that having the capability to advise clients across the whole spectrum of their wealth, by referring those who require broader based advice including complicated trust and tax planning to the parent company, gives them a significant competitive advantage.

In the current climate, a truly holistic approach to wealth management is as much about inheritance planning and tax-efficient structures as it is about investment management. The value lies in how all the elements are pulled together for clients.

Correa highlights the importance of having at hand the founder of the Castle Trust Group, Mr. Steven Knight, who is a specialist in international tax planning for both individuals and companies, should clients require his services.

Correa comments: “The efforts being made to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market will bear fruit in the long run.” The company’s ability to offer broader based advice is not the only ‘differentiation’.

Independent financial advice

The company feels that clients are crying out for wealth managers who can offer truly independent investment advice. Private banks have been slow at embracing the ‘open product architecture concept’ preferring to sell their own products to avoid margin erosion. Castle Wealth understands the importance of offering a broad range of investment capabilities from different product manufacturers to remain competitive. Their ability to offer objective investment advice, the best performing products in the marketplace and a proactive approach to investment advising makes them an ideal financial partner.

Highly proactive advisory services

Castle Wealth provides a highly proactive advisory portfolio management service which includes advice on initial asset allocation, continuous monitoring and highly proactive investment advice, regular meetings to discuss and review portfolio performance, dealing and advising on corporate actions and order execution. Correa is quick to point out that building a customised portfolio is the easy part and that their role as investment managers does not end there.


It is the monitoring of the investment on a continuous basis, to identify and capitalise on potential investment opportunities and to anticipate and reduce the inherent portfolio risks, that makes a difference and ensures the portfolio delivers a superior risk-adjusted return. This is where their expertise can make a huge difference for clients. The investment managers at Castle Wealth have no distractions and can focus exclusively on managing your investments. Unlike personal bankers, they have no general banking matters to attend to.


The investment managers are quite happy to meet you in the comfort of your home, in the office or venue of your choice to discuss and review your portfolio. All you need to do is tell them what you prefer.

Paul Correa visits Central Algarve on a regular basis. If you would like to contact him to find out what the company can do for you, please call him on Tel. 00 350 47302 or on Mobile. No. 00 350 5800 9664. He will next visit the area from April 26 to 29.

Remember that whether it is the preservation and protection or growth of your wealth, Castle Wealth can help you!

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