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A HIDDEN LIFE by Adele Geras

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When Constance Barrington dies, she leaves behind a wealthy estate and a complex family network. When the whole family gathers to hear her last will and testament however, they are in for a terrible shock.

Constance – possessed of a long memory and a spiteful disposition – altered her will shortly before her death. The new provisions are far from fair: some benefit hugely and others hardly at all. Constance’s granddaughter, Louise, is bequeathed the copyright for her late grandfather’s novels (barely remembered, long-since out of print and valuable only as a reminder of the man she loved). It is a paltry inheritance and one that comes to symbolise the inequity at the heart of the Barrington family.

Soon, old family feuds and long-hidden resentments come to the surface – and with them, secrets start to emerge. It is through Louise’s inheritance – those dusty, long-forgotten books – that the most explosive secret of all will come to light, bringing with it a very different future for her and the rest of the family.

This is a delicious book about books with well-written dialogue and an intriguing plot. It makes you want to read the whole thing without interruption and it’s light enough to accomplish.