A harpoon to catch a razor clam?

Dear Editor,
I have to say that I had a laugh when I read your article about illegal bivalve fishing in the Ria Formosa lagoon last week. Your Algarve Resident reporter it seems witnessed local poachers hunting for razor clams with a harpoon. I do wonder how, when the spear is released from the harpoon, the fearsome razor clam is not totally obliterated. Am I missing something?
João Xabregas
Editor’s note: Dear João, thank you for your comments. Perhaps the word ‘harpoon’ was somewhat misleading. Our journalist had in fact witnessed shellfishermen using small homemade devices fitted with what appear to be tiny spears that are shot when they locate the hole the clam is in. Another traditional method to catch razor clams is by using table salt sprinkled over the hole in the sand. The clams will just pop out. Fascinating to watch!