A great white Port for all occasions

The Rozès Port Wine House produces some of the finest Port wines on the market. Their vintages are of near legendary quality, but the rest of the range stands out for some of the best Ports in pretty much all categories.

Their 2013 LBV for instance, priced at around €26, may cost more than most LBVs but it is in a different league to most. The same goes for their stunning 10-year-old Tawny (look for the gold bottle). Probably the most expensive of all 10-year-old Tawnies, it is priced at over €40 but drinks better than most of the 20-year Tawnies from other producers.

With the festive season now behind us, buying Port may not be a priority at the moment, but it was over the Christmas break that I discovered this outstanding white Port at Apolónia, costing just shy of €20 and worth every cent.

I would not normally buy white Port but having been so impressed with others from this producer, I decided to give it a try, and wow!

This is a sweet Port in the Tawny style, but made from white grapes, deep golden in colour from oak-ageing, with notes of candied citrus fruits, caramel, and vanilla on the nose.

This is a wine to serve chilled, with layers of mature fruit and nutty flavours on the palate, good acidity, and a lovely clean fresh finish. It is a very versatile wine, fresh enough to serve well chilled as an aperitif, or even for a Port & Tonic, but equally well paired to enjoy with cake or cheese. 

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