A good start to stardom

VOICES fill the air, the sound of footsteps echo around the stone walls and instruments are played continuously. What better way to describe the Olhão Music Conservatory, which has recently opened its doors to aspiring performers?

At the conservatory, you can learn anything from accordion, piano and traditional instruments, to tap-dancing and ballet. A fine example of a rising star is three-year-old Luís from Faro, who is learning to play the violin. He is taught by Rui Gonçalves who, together with Anabela Silva, is in charge of the students’ education at the conservatory.

The drama classes, led by Márcio Guerra, promote physical wellbeing, concentration and co-operation within the group. Boys and girls, aged between eight and 14 years old, learn to fight their inhibitions and improve confidence and self-knowledge. According to the students, the classes are “a good start” to their paths to stardom, in which they can learn new techniques and improve communication skills. The conservatory welcomes anyone interested in enrolling.

The Olhão Music Conservatory is located at Rua Vasco da Gama, n.º 60. Tel/Fax: 289 721 527, email: [email protected] or visit website: www.conservatorioolhao.com