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A dream come true

AT 50 years young, Lindsay Moore, a resident in the Algarve for over nine years, never believed his dream could come true.

Lindsay, the owner of Doce Diner in Albufeira, a long time reader of The Resident and daily listener to KISS FM, arrived at the radio station studio at 10.30am last Sunday, and could hardly believe his eyes when he saw a classic Harley Davidson parked in front of the studio. You see, Lindsay’s wish had always been to ride on a Harley ….

Presenter of KISS FM’s Solid Gold Sunday show and long time Algarve resident, Sir Owen Gee, took it upon himself to “fix it” for Lindsay, not only to sit on the motorbike, but also to ride it, courtesy of Harley specialist and custom bike builder from Lagos, Hubertus Nees, or “Hubs” to his friends.

Leaving from outside the studio, Harley fanatic Lindsay on the back was shown the ropes by Hubs, as they disappeared from sight for a cruise, which lasted for almost an hour.

Beaming from ear to ear, Lindsay certainly looked like his dream had come true, all made possible by Sir Owen.