A diamond display

While we marvel at the various festivals the Algarve stages in their very own inimitable style, this year provides an opportunity for all nationalities to celebrate a remarkable lady and a  wonderful  excuse for “us Brits” to indulge in a floral show of patriotic pride on your terrace garden.

There are numerous options and the one we’re choosing is to have several pots of approx. 46cm diameter each filled with red, white and blue petunias and positioned in a regular sequence along the otherwise random display of pots.      

Petunias thrive in the Algarve and will repeat flower twice during the year if given a good “haircut” midway. You will need to buy red, white and blue petunia plants separately and I suggest locally from nurseries here in the Algarve.        

Ensure you label the pots to identify the colours until you’re ready for finally planting in your large pot.

Alternatively, you can buy a packet of Petunia Jubilee Mixed red, white and blue which cost £11.99 plus postage from Suttons Seeds under their product code 21781.

For best results, bring your seedlings on in small pots (four or so seedlings per pot) as an interim until you can identify colours. Then plant into your final pot with an equal mix of colours.

Another alternative might be an arrangement of Alyssum (Carpet of Snow) representing your white, Lobelia (Crystal Palace) for your blue and Salvia (Red Riches). These all perform well in this climate and seeds are available from for mail order.

A corner series of pots tiered with Alyssum, then Lobelia with the Salvia to the rear completing the effect is one possibility.  

Your blaze of colourful British pride will be in full bloom by June 2-5 marking the official Jubilee weekend and still in show a few weeks later for the London Olympics.

Most of us will be watching the UK festivities from a distance but for that occasion it’s out with the buntings, onto your terrace and raise your glass to Her Majesty in thanks for a wonderful 60 years and still counting!

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