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A devoted dentist

UNLIKE SO many of people who spent their childhood – and adulthood, for that matter – fearing the dentist’s chair, Dr Cris Piessens used to love visiting the dentist and thoroughly enjoyed the environment surrounding his visits.

He hadn’t planned on becoming a dentist, however. His studies initially began in medicine, but after three years he decided to change and start studying to become a dentist. The reason behind his decision?

He preferred the idea of seeing immediate results and being on the receiving end of positive comments from his patients.

Dr Piessens now specialises in implantology – a side of dentistry that he is very dedicated to and most passionate about. Although he continues to practice all other aspects of dentistry, it is ultimately implantology that he favours.

Feel good

It is thanks to this type of dental practice that he has been able to change people’s lives. “Dentures can be a huge handicap to many people”, he says, “and being able to get rid of them and have implants instead, allows them to do things they simply were not capable of before. It makes me feel good, knowing that they are so much happier.”

Although implants can result in temporary bruising and swelling, Dr Piessens stresses that there is very little pain involved in the process.

“I do prescribe painkillers and I tell my patients to take them, but they usually tell me they only took one and didn’t need any more,” he says.

Having studied and attended lectures and congresses all over the world, Dr Piessens is keen to attract more clients from abroad, something that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly from the UK, mainly due to the vast difference in cost.

Cris Piessen Dental Clinic is open six days a week in Albufeira. For further details, please contact 289 589 080.