A Dão varietal from M.O.B.

A Dão varietal from M.O.B.

Any wine with the letters M.O.B. on the label is good, and some are excellent. This is the Dão project of three great producers from the Douro; Moreira (Poeira), Olazabal (Vale Meão) and Borges (Wine & Soul) – so these three letters are something of a guarantee of quality.

Their entry level “Lote 3” red, costing less than €10, is outstanding value for money whilst their “Senna” blend, costing around €24, is a Dão of true class and finesse.

They also have a few varietals such as this one made from the Alfrocheiro grape. This is one of the traditional Dão varieties used usually in small quantities to add colour to blends but also capable of producing some interesting varietal reds.

This is a wine of medium body with great freshness on the nose and in the mouth. Mature red fruits come to the front along with floral notes, soft tannins in the mouth and a nice dry finish. €17.95 at Apolónia.

By Patrick Stuart
[email protected]