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A crowded Algarve welcomed in 2011

New Year celebrations across the Algarve welcomed 2011 and said farewell to what was a difficult year for the majority of people living in the region.

In Albufeira, Mayor Desidério Silva considered their event to be “probably the best ever in Albufeira and in the Algarve.”

More than 100,000 people gathered at Praia dos Pescadores for a programme which included the final of the SIC television channel programme Os Ídolos (Pop Idol).

Meanwhile, the medieval fair in Paderne, also part of Albufeira’s New Year programme, attracted thousands of visitors, especially from Spain, on January 1 and 2.

In Vila Real de Santo António, three days of intense festivities saw around 30,000 people fill the Monte Gordo riverside area.

Tony Carreira.
Tony Carreira.

Vila Real de Santo Mayor Luís Gomes said: “It was a great party programme, with three days of great animation and music performances, which provided people with a memorable welcome

to 2011.”

More than 60,000 people enjoyed the events in Monte Gordo over the three days of events.

Portimão’s New Year’s Eve celebrations attracted around 150,000 people to the city. A spokesman from Portimão Câmara said: “Portimão’s New Year celebrations certainly met the expectations of thousands of visitors who flocked to the city to say farewell to 2010 and enjoy a mini-break. The celebrations resulted in an income of €12 million for the municipality.”

A concert by popular Portuguese singer Tony Carreira and a spectacular fireworks display were responsible for the large number of people visiting Portimão on New Year’s Eve.

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