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A creative twist on education

Learning through creative pursuits is at the centre of an educational programme offered by the Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação do Algarve (ETIC) since its inauguration in 2011.

It is based on the concept of “learning by practice” and receptiveness to creativity .

The success of the original school in Lisbon led to the opening of its Algarve counterpart in Portimão, which has been attracting an increasing number of young people due to its curriculum in areas such as multimedia, journalism, design, photography, communications, sound and many others.  

Students are guaranteed a unique learning experience, which brings them closer to the business world with which they maintain a close relationship during the school year through numerous practical exercises and, at the end of the year, by developing projects for real brands or by participating in promotional events.

ETIC Algarve’s exceptional infrastructure in the centre of Portimão, equipped with top-notch technology, and its qualified and experienced teachers, are some of the main reasons the school stands out from the crowd.

A project entitled “Bold – Ponto Criativo”, which will be inaugurated on October 12, is associated to ETIC Algarve and shares its view on creativity. It will be offering students and young workers a location in the centre of Portimão equipped with a lounge, a shop, an exhibition gallery, a photography studio, a multi-use room, a private meeting room, a press room and eight co-working areas.

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