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A cost effective way to prevent scale in your home

John Cowan first moved to the Algarve in 2004 and set up the successful artificial grass supply and fitting company – Arti Grass.

Five years later, and not only has John created sister company Bug Busters, providing a range of insect repelling product, he has also recently become the official distributor of Scale Watcher.

A Scale Watcher machine is a tried and tested electronic descaler which eliminates hard water scale and removes existing scale.

Easy to use and simple to install, with no need to call out a plumber, the compact machine will descale and protect an entire house for the running cost of only five euros per year.

Problems associated with living in a hard water area are evident on a daily basis; scaled kettles and taps, deposits on sinks and baths and blocked showers are just some of the common problems faced in homes using hard water.

Fantastic offer

All these problems, and the numerous hidden ones such as blocked pipes and damaged washing machines, can be solved by Scale Watcher products available from John.

As part of the celebrations of five years in business in the Algarve, John is offering readers of the Algarve Resident a fantastic 10 per cent discount on the Scale Watcher which starts from 150 euros.

For further information about the Scale Watcher and discount available for readers of the Algarve Resident, please call  967 516 981 or 938 168 354. The same numbers can be called for details about the products available from Arti Grass and Bug Busters. Alternatively please visit www.expatessential.com or www.artigrass.eu or email [email protected]