A community comes together

THE RESIDENT spoke to workers and residents in Luz as the drama unfolded in the area.

A shop assistant in a Luz fashion boutique, who asked not to be named, said: “The mood is very subdued here, everyone is close to tears. It is like a ghost town, no-one is coming into the shop and everywhere seems empty.”

However, she confirmed there has been great community spirit in terms of effort in trying to trace the three-year-old.

“The people of the town have been fantastic. All the residents here are taking part in searches, everyone is doing their bit to help, either taking part in police organised searches or doing their own. There have also been many searches in Burgau,” she said.

Parents are alarmed about the news. “Parents are holding on tightly to their children’s hands when they walk down the street. My children are very upset about what has happened. They don’t want to play, they just want to watch the news to see what is happening.”

In terms of awareness of the case, the shop assistant said it was very high in the surrounding area. “There are posters in every shop, bar and restaurant, as well as flyers on the counters.”

In terms of what has happened to Madeleine, she said: “We just don’t know what to think at the moment. Some people think she is still here and others think she is no longer in the area.”

A worker in a local hair salon told The Resident: “Everyone is using their spare time to search for the little girl.”

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Updated 12:11, May 10, 2007