A coalition made up of robots…

Dear Editor

I don’t normally write to newspapers but this latest gem from our country’s leaders just takes the biscuit. I cannot believe it. It cannot be an April Fool as it is simply so disgusting. After the proud announcement by the po-faced Finance Minister that Portugal’s coffers were “full”, we now have the reviled Education Minister – the man who seems to have made it his mission in life to crush the spirits of those who set out to mould our children’s futures – “clawing back” money from the very poorest families, by removing the chance of school trips for all children who receive government support. It’s unthinkable! And in an election year shows how utterly bereft of any redeemable qualities these people are. My first thought is perhaps that we are being run by a coalition made up of robots. Only robots could act with this level of detachment.

As a long-term foreign resident, I cannot vote in the upcoming elections, but I shall be praying for a change from these truly ghastly people who cause nothing but misery and heartache.

Yours in despair
Name and address withheld