A Christmas delivery for Omega Parque.jpg

A Christmas delivery for Omega Parque

A RARE spotted deer was born on November 19, at Omega Parque in Monchique, the only zoological institution in the world exclusively dedicated to the conservation of highly threatened wild animals.

The deer, a very healthy and adorable baby named Eddy, is the third to be born at Omega Parque, but unfortunately, his mother is inexperienced and is not feeding him.

The rangers at Omega Parque are bottle feeding him, but will hopefully be able to return him to his mother and the other infants in the near future.

Readers, who would like to see Eddy can do so on Sunday, December 3, between 10 and 11am, by asking at the entrance to the park.

Omega Parque supports field research of this species so any donations would go directly to the spotted deer fund.