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A charity close to my heart

Dear Editor,

Myself and three friends were fortunate enough to win the Dave Rathband’s Blue Lamp Charity Golf Event on July 1 and were awarded the prize kindly donated by the Algarve Resident, Vale do Lobo, Pestana and Bistro des Z’Artes.

The four of us play golf in the Algarve every May when we visit Vilamoura as part of a party of 16 and were overjoyed at being awarded this prize. Once we have the days arranged, I will let you know.

Prior to the incident involving Pc Rathband, I’d never met him. I am amazed at how he has conducted himself since suffering such horrific injuries.

As a serving police officer, I was heavily involved in the investigation and interviewed one of the offenders (Karl Ness) who was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

I spent four days planning to interview Raoul Moat, who had murdered Chris Brown, shot his girlfriend and shot Pc Rathband but Moat took his own life after he was surrounded by police.

Thanks again to you and everyone else involved for your generosity to the charity which is close to my own heart.

Graeme Flaxen, By email

Editor’s note: Dear Graeme, thank you for your very kind words. It was a pleasure to be involved with the charity and we wish you and your golf mates a fantastic time in the Algarve. Do let us know when you’re here! We also wish PC David Rathband all the success with his foundation. He is an admirable man.