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A catering company for every occasion

No matter how much you enjoy cooking, there comes a time when you really feel that it would be much more enjoyable to have a catering company help you out. I found this out recently, when faced with preparing lunch for a business group of 14 people, while at the same time being the chairman of the group. On top of this, the weather was hot and my original idea of standing in the heat, cooking meat over the barbecue, was becoming even less appealing.

I contacted S & C Events, a privately owned company, and asked them for menus – first giving them my budget, of course. Nothing was too much trouble. Having only given S & C Events three working days to provide me with a menu, they speedily came back to me with suggestions and confirmed that they would arrive at noon on the appointed day to finish the food preparation and have it ready for our 1.30pm deadline.

S & C Events offered cutlery, crockery and glassware – none of which was needed, but it was good to know for any future event that these items were all available.

Tom Prior, head chef at S & C Events, offered the following menu: poached medallions of salmon; chicken salad Lady Curzon (breast of chicken marinated in a curry mayonnaise with peaches); continental smoked meat platter; mixed leaf and watercress salad; tomato and red onion salad; new potato and chorizo salad; apple coleslaw and French bread and butter. And, for those who needed something sweet but cool to finish, there was chilled watermelon.  

The array of food was as delicious to eat as it was to look at. It was all laid out on top-of-the-range disposable serving plates, and S & C Events also provided three bottles of different salad dressings. There was more than enough food; the salmon was cooked to perfection so that it retained its succulence and the chicken salad was a favourite with everyone. My kitchen was left spotless and the only work I had was to load my dishwasher and put the leftovers in the fridge for an easy supper that night!

Steven Cova, owner of S & C Events, has over 18 years’ experience in the catering industry. As well as organising prestigious private and large scale catering events, mainly in the UK, Steven has also been involved in many different catering contracts, ranging from Wimbledon and rugby at Twickenham, to the Brit Awards and the annual conference for the Church of Scientology. Every event has required a different approach and style of catering. No party is too large or too small, and can be tailor-made to suit each client’s personal requirements.

S & C Events is a small, family run company with offices in the UK and now also in the Algarve. The decision to open the office in Portugal was made two years ago, due to Steven’s Portuguese family background and ability to converse in both Portuguese and English. Steven’s personal involvement ensures an attention to detail and response to situations that is second-to-none. His level of expertise, coupled with the extensive knowledge and talent of head chef Tom Prior, is now proving to be a much needed and welcomed new product in the Algarve.

The Resident Reviewer has no hesitation in recommending S & C Events, who can be contacted on 912 358 684.