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A Carvoeiro mecca for sweet cheats

By Patrick Stuart [email protected]

As someone who loves food and cooking as much as I do, it shames me to admit that I am pretty useless when it comes to any kind of puddings and totally incompetent when it comes to baking.

Writing this weekly column for over a year now, I have almost never touched on the subject of desserts, even though I do have a sweet tooth. My good wife, on the other hand, does not and even though she is fairly competent when it comes to baking she refuses most of the time to bake anything sweet (she says it’s to save me the calories).

And so, when entertaining at home, we tend, more often than not, to cheat. This begs the question: where to buy good, readymade cakes and desserts? Apart from a nice tub of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream or perhaps some fresh fruit, there is little or nothing on offer at most supermarkets that would pass muster for my dining table.

But in Carvoeiro, where I live, and indeed in pretty much any town along the Algarve, there are good local pastelarias that bake their own cakes.

In Carvoeiro, the best by far is Lé Doce, on Rua do Barranco, where Lena Nunes has freshly-baked cakes for sale every day. Clients can place orders for a whole cake or just buy a slice to enjoy with their coffee.

Lena is a master baker and her almond tart is legendary amongst local carvoeirenses. Other favourites include a sponge cake filled and topped with berry fruits and a delectable coconut cake. I could go on and on, but instead I have convinced the Editor to introduce a cake column to which Lena will be contributing very soon. So watch this space!

Lé Doce is located on Rua do Barranco, on the left hand side on the way out of Carvoeiro. Closed Tuesdays.