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A busy time at Rotary Club Silves

Members of Rotary Club Silves are continuing with their busy programme of meetings and serving others in the community.

The club recently held a dinner at The Holiday Inn in Armação de Pêra at which Edite Alves, owner of the Quinta João Clara winery, spoke eloquently on the subject of running the winery in Alcantarilha.  

Since her husband’s untimely death two years ago, Edite and her two daughters have continued to run and develop the business.

Edite’s determination and sound business head were just two of her qualities which resulted in her being awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Certificate.  

Sheena Rawcliffe, Incoming President of RC Silves, said Edite was an inspiration to business people the world over when she presented Edite with her certificate. RC Silves President Isabel Flores presented Edite with the RC Silves flag.

Sheena also presented RC Silves Treasurer, Pascal Martin, with €535 raised during the Algarve Historic Festival in aid of children’s charities.

On November 3, RC Silves Programme Chairman, Jos Westerbeek, welcomed David Butler-Cole and Graham Dexter from The Right Juice, along with their technician Inês David.

Graham spoke of the great opportunities there are for anyone wishing to invest in a film, made in and about “their chosen adopted country”.

“From the smallest to the largest investor there is room for everyone,” said Graham, “and recognition will be given to all.”

The members of RC Silves were treated to a trailer made of The Right Juice (see and this was followed by a short video of the making of the trailer.

Artist Kerstin Wagner and RC Silves Master of Ceremonies David Trubshaw, himself an artist, presenting a ‘mountain’ of duvets to Dra Silvia Vicente, Technical Director at the Bom Samaritano children’s home.
Artist Kerstin Wagner and RC Silves Master of Ceremonies David Trubshaw, himself an artist, presenting a ‘mountain’ of duvets to Dra Silvia Vicente, Technical Director at the Bom Samaritano children’s home.

Members agreed it was fascinating and amusing to see how much time and effort has to be put in to making a relatively short trailer.

David continued the presentation by speaking of his role as the script writer.  He spoke of the script writer’s normally lowly standing in the hierarchy of film making and how it was such a pleasure to be working on this inspiring project.

Many readers will recognise David as the pen behind several Algarvean pantomimes and other excellent productions.

Writing is David’s second career and something which he is obviously enjoying, particularly with The Right Juice.

He now has a team of writers assisting with writes and rewrites to get the best possible script.

David pointed out that whilst English is the predominant language in the film, there is a good deal of Portuguese also spoken; this means that there will be subtitles in the two languages to ensure that both Portuguese speakers and English speakers enjoy to the full The Right Juice.

During the lunch which followed the presentation there was a lively questions and answers session.

Also during the lunch, Sheena Rawcliffe, in the absence of President Isabel, spoke of another truly generous initiative undertaken by RC Silves Master of Ceremonies David Trubshaw.

Since moving to the Algarve, David has enjoyed learning to paint and has become very accomplished due in no small part to the encouragement of his art teacher Kerstin Wagner.

In September, David and Kerstin held an open studio at which they sold many of their art works and from which they both donated funds to RC Silves Charity Fund.  

David has also been a long-time supporter of the Bom Samaritano Children’s Home in Alvor and he ascertained that in order to keep heating bills to a reasonable level this winter, there was a need for new duvets for each youngster.

The money raised by David and Kerstin was used to purchase the duvets and these were presented to Dra Silvia Vicente who is the Technical Director at the home.

Silvia was very emotional upon receiving the surprise presentation and said that this would really help the home, for like everyone else they are feeling the effects of the financial crisis.

Anyone wishing to know more about the work carried out at the Bom Samaritano home should contact 282 459 201.

Rotary Club de Silves meets on Thursdays at lunchtimes at The Holiday Inn, except the fourth Thursday of the month which is a dinner meeting, also at The Holiday Inn.

For more information, please call Felicity Thoet, Secretary, on 910 073 976.