A breath of fresh air for the Bombeiros

A breath of fresh air for the Bombeiros

On Thursday, February 6, an Algarve Removals lorry arrived at the Albufeira Bombeiros packed with the generous gift of 160 breathing apparatus.

Debby Burton from Associação Alerta de Incêndio Florestal told us: “This has all been generously arranged by Amanda and Keith Holden. They first came on board during the 2018 Monchique/Silves fire and have been supporters of Alerta ever since. They have kindly arranged all this, and there is more to come.”

John Scott, Managing Director of Algarve Removals, knows too well the excellent service that the Bombeiros do for everyone in Portugal. “Having seen how close the fires were to our warehouse a few years ago makes us appreciate what the Bombeiros do even more and we are eternally grateful,” John said.

“When Steve Smith from the UK Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service asked us to transport six pallets of donated firefighting equipment to the Albufeira Bombeiros, we were pleased to do so and offered the service free of charge.”

Debby concluded: “This donation is a continuation of the appeal we made during the fire for clothes for the Bombeiros and has snowballed, with Devon Fire and Rescue giving this huge donation. They also donated thermal imaging cameras in 2018/19. The support from the UK is brilliant; we have also had donations from London and Bristol Fire and Rescue departments. Everything is shared out across all the stations in the region, on a needs’ basis.

“Alerta was awarded the British Empire Medal in January. Although it’s in my name, it is for everyone who helps make things like this happen. As Algarve residents, we are all so grateful for the selfless bravery of our firefighters and indebted to everyone who makes a difference. Thank you to everyone for their continued efforts!”