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A book for success, a book no company should be without

WHEN JORGE A. Vasconcellos e Sá wrote Strategy Moves, on the flyleaf he reminded us of the words of General Douglas MacArthur: “In war there is no substitute for victory.” These words should be indelibly printed on the minds of all decision-makers and company owners, for complacency can so readily lead to something far short of victory.

Prof. Dr. Vasconcellos e Sá is well known and revered among those he has tutored, those he has worked with and those who have heard him speak. His reputation is well deserved, further emphasised in his offering of 14 complete attack and defence strategies for competitive advantage.

No company should be without a copy, no entrepreneur, no one in marketing, indeed no one even considering the challenge of starting a new business should be without Strategy Moves on their desk.

Strategy Moves is a serious book, which takes you through various stages of attack and defence to ensure your position in the market, helping to ensure your financial safety.  This book is not a bedtime read – far from it.  It is essential reading when your brain is at its most alert – its contents are for discussion with your planning team and, through his writing, the author encourages you to formulate and implement strategies.

Let’s be honest, we have all read ideas, plans and strategies, which we have thought we should put into action, but somehow we have never got around to it. Read this book and give it the credence it deserves by putting into action your strategies and ensure that you, your company and your employees are ideally positioned for what business life throws at you this year – and the next.

Strategy Moves by Jorge Vasconcellos e Sá, published by Prentice-Hall FT, is available from all good bookshops or call The Resident on 282 342 936. S.R.