A bit of magic in the old people’s home

Tim Gomes and his wife Elizabeth from Circo Pequeno performed a special show for the residents at the old people’s home in Alcantarilha on May 3.

All but two of the 33 residents joined in a semi-circle to be treated to an hour of entertainment, which was a much appreciated gift from the Circo Pequeno.

Backed by eastern European rhythms, a multitude of iridescent bubbles shimmering with light and colour burst over the audience. This was followed by juggling – balls, knives, Chinese woodentops spun by a rope all flying up to the six metre high ceiling.

Then there were the coloured spinning plates on a stick with which some of the residents were able to try their hand. Others, more adept, were able to attempt basic juggling skills.

The music continued and the smiles broadened when Tim began juggling with “the knives”.  Lastly there were the sculpted balloons which Tim and Elizabeth moulded into flowers, dogs on leads and hearts. All the residents went off to lunch with their own masterpiece.

The residents at the home are also thankful for the numerous gifts of (first class) second-hand clothes from the estrangeiros during the winter month.